Personic Creative Collective

Being D.I.Y. in the creative landscape - doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

There are two specific parts to Personic. 


We are the “un-label”. We want to support your art and see you succeed by relieving the burden of having to do everything on your own. We are committed to pushing artists to gain growth and exposure. We can serve as producer, A&R, marketing, management etc; helping you navigate through the industry. At the end of the day… the “we”.. is all about YOU. We ask… “how can we best serve your goals, ideas, vision for your creative expression?” 


We are also a creative community. At the core of Personic's tribe is a wealth of industry experience and creative energy. We believe that creatives dont need to go on their journeys alone. That through the gift of community, we can help each other and receive the support we need to meet our goals.




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